In 1994 the Garden of the Gods Foundation was created as a 501 (c)(3) charity to preserve and protect the Garden of the Gods Park.  It receives revenue from the Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center and contributes from the public.  These funds support projects and programs that benefit Garden of the Gods Park.

A volunteer board of trustees oversees the Foundation, reviews all contributions and approves disbursements.  Annually, the Colorado Springs Park, Recreation, and Cultural Services Department presents to the Foundation a list of proposed projects in order of priority.  The Foundation undertakes those projects for which it has the funds.  When additional funds become available, the Foundation can request projects from the Parks Department.  Since the establishment of the Foundation in 1994, more than $3.8 million has been donated for maintenance, preservation and education programs for the Park.

The Foundation will exist in perpetuity thereby assuring it will always be run for the charitable purpose of support and benefit to the Park.